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Aura Photos are available anytime without an appointment. These can be done by any member of our staff and are intended for recreation and fun. There is a printed interpretation explaining the colors in your energy field which is yours to keep along with the photo. This only takes about 10 minutes and costs $20.00.


Tarot Readings - Maribeth McNair does Tarot Readings in the store every other Sunday from 12pm to 5pm. Please call in advance for the schedule or to make an appointment. Readings are $45 per 1/2 hour or $85 for 1 hour.

Visit Maribeth's Website at:


Readings with Sharon McMahon
Sharon works in the store on Monday and Thursday afternoons and is always available for a reading. Please call to make an appointment with her. Sharon has been involved with the alternative health field for 15 years. She is a certified Reiki Master/teacher and has been involved in this healing art for many years. As the former owner of the Rose of Sharon in Narragansett, Sharon has a great reputation and following in the New England area.
Readings are $45 per 1/2 hour or $85 for 1 hour.

Tarot Readings with Tori McNally
Tori is an experienced  Tarot Reader, Physical Medium, Reiki Master, Empath, Certified Hypno-Therapist, Teacher, and Table Tipper here in the Rhode Island and Southern New England area.  She enjoys sharing Newport's long illustrious history, its romantic tales of pirates and the City By The Sea's rich paranormal history as a member Ghost Tours of Newport. She also leads the Haunted Wickford Tour during Wicked Week and a Half.
Readings are $45 per 1/2 hour or $85 for 1 hour.

Psychic Readings & Spiritual Guidance with Beth Ann Fisher
Beth Ann Fisher is a gifted psychic and intuitive healer who channels several “Spirit Guides”. She is very grounded, well balanced person and is very popular here. In addition to Psychic Readings, she has advance certifications in Integrated Energy Therapy, Magnified Healing, Reiki Healing, Hypnosis, Hypnobirthing, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Dowsing, Aura Healing, Color Healing, Sound Healing, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, and Power Animal
Shamanism. She ,also, does readings over the phone. You may call her directly at (781) 740-1027. She has been working here at the Grateful Heart for 30 years and you can make an appointment here
at the Grateful Heart (401)294 3981.
Readings are $45 per 1/2 hour or $85 for 1 hour.
Beth Ann is usually booked in advanced so
please call early to avoid being disappointed.

Beth Ann will return in the Spring of 2018. Watch for details!




 Saturday January 27th, 2018 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Please join Tori McNally for an intensive class about how to use crystals for manifesting through gridding to receive what you desire.  Participants will learn about grids and will make their own crystal manifestation grid.  They will also get a more in depth approach on how to work with crystals in the home, at the office and throughout the day and how to set their intentions.

Other topics will include:

Putting your crystals to work for you around your Home and office
Setting up grids 
Other uses for you crystals and stones
Explanation of Crystal grids and mandalas
Crystal Grid Exercise
Personalize Your Crystal grid 
Crystal Grid Meditation

Pre-registration is suggested.  Cost is $40.00 per person. 


Saturday February 17th, 2018 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Please join Tori McNally for an intensive class about the art of dowsing with pendulums and dowsing rods. Learn how to care for your pendulum, how to cleanse it and charge it for optimum use. We will also learn how to use and make our own dowsing rods which can be used for simple tasks like finding water, tracing lay lines that crisscross our planet and communicating with spirit. Each participant will receive a pendulum to work with and take home and will also make their own dowsing rods to take and use at home.

Weather permitting we will put our rods to the test and explore a small historic graveyard in Wickford on a mini field trip.

Pre-registration is suggested - Cost is $30.00 per person.


Saturday March 17th, 2018 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Please join Tori McNally for an intensive class about crystals (their uses, caring for them, and how crystals can help our mind, body and spirit.) We will learn about crystals using the chakra centers of the body, crystal shapes, complex crystals, and how to use them in daily living.   Participants will learn how to care for their crystals, cleansing and programming crystals so they can continue to work with them on their own.  We will also discuss how to work with crystals in the home, at the office and throughout the day.  Each participant will receive a chakra crystal set along with a special crystal intuitively selected for the participant and reference guide to use at home.

Pre-registration is required. At time of registration, your full birth date and full name will be necessary. 






The Grateful Heart 17 West Main St. Wickford, RI 02852 401-294-3981